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Arctic Journey

artic Journey


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Take a virtual journey into the wonderful world of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica and engage with the many interactive and immersive experiences in this exhibition, a joint venture between Phillip Island Nature Parks and WWF-Australia.

Comprising three levels, Phillip Island is showcased on the uppermost level, telling the fascinating success story of the conservation of the Summerland Peninsula and its penguin population.

Next, descend into the area known as The Lab, to be entertained and educated through a range of interactive and informative experiences. Feel the Freeze as you enter the Antarctic ‘Chill Zone’, try to sink a bowling ball, compare your thermal image with an Emperor penguin, or check out a sea spider under a microscope. With the remarkable Antarctic landscape as the backdrop, the unique wildlife, ongoing research activities, and the critically important conservation values of this remote continent will come alive before your eyes.

The final level is one of complete immersion in what can only be described as a stunning and breathtaking, state of the art multimedia experience. Find yourself enthralled by the audio visual spectacle which puts you right in the heart of the action. All thanks to the cutting-edge ‘augmented reality’ technology, you will be able to stand on an ice floe and feel like you can reach out to pat a penguin, stroke a seal or marvel at a whale which all appear on the screen with you. 

Revving Up Phillip Island

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2016

The Michelin® Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2016 will see the world’s best riders return to Phillip Island on 21-23 October. World Champion Jorge Lorenzo, crowd favourite Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez will each defy the rules of nature with agility, courage and speed, as they battle it out around the picturesque circuit.

Watch the greatest riders on earth cornering at a 64* angle, overtaking with just millimetres to spare and reaching a top speed of up to 344 Kph, all desperate to reach the pinnacle, accepting the winner’s trophy at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

Whether you are an avid MotoGP fan or new to the sport, you will experience an unforgettable weekend at the home of Australian motorcycle racing.

The Island has a reputation for being one of the most unique and breathtaking destinations on the international circuit – with panoramic ocean views and great spectator vantage points all around the track.

We still have some accommodation & camping available- Just give us a call to book now to avoid missing out.


Island Magic 30th of November and 1st December 2016

WHAT AN EVENT! Last year was my first time experiencing this wonderful event and I can now say without a doubt, this is my favourite event out at the track- Coming from a huge motorbike fan, that’s saying something!

If you and your family want a fun, ‘access all areas’ event that’s value for money- This is the event for you!!
A couple of the main highlights for me are; being able to take your car in, access to pit lane & the variety of different car styles. So make sure you pack your lunch, grab a blanket & get ready for the action. With so many different race classes expect to see heaps of different cars anything from sports cars, saloon cars, historic cars to formula vee.

Get right into the action over at the Pit garages & don’t forget to check out the action from the pit roof.

Don’t forget to give us a call at Anchor Belle Holiday Park to arrange your accommodation now!


Go Karts
If you are the one who wants to be in the racing seat head over to the Go Karts and go full throttle on the 760 metre scale replica of the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Situated right alongside the Grand Prix Circuit and overlooking Bass Strait, your Champ Kart experience will be like no other. Tandem karts are also available for the youngsters.
With personalised lap time print outs you can check out your own performance and compare it with your friends.

Nature Galore at Phillip Island


Whale Tours by Wildlife coast Cruises

11th June 2016 – 7 August 2016

Cowes Jetty, Phillip Island
11/13 The Esplanade, Cowes VIC

Please collect your boarding pass at least 30 minutes before cruise

Join Wildlife Coast Cruises in search for the majestic Southern Whales during their annual migration along this regions coastline, plus a fascinating and unique coastal cruise.

Circumnavigate Phillip Island and and enjoy morning tea and a freshly prepared lunch on board.

Enjoy sights of thousands of Seals at Seal Rocks, the shy Albatrosses along the Southern coast, with regular dolphin and the very special whale sightings once we find them.


  • 3 ½ to 4 hour Cruise
  • Captains Commentary
  • Complimentary Morning tea &  lunch
  • Seal Rocks Visit
  • Wildlife Information and Interpretation
  • Wildlife Video’s display
  • Regular dolphin sightings
  • Whale sightings (Expected 80% of cruises but not Guaranteed)
  • Licensed Bar


Enjoy this magnificent cruise with the friendly staff at Wildlife Coast Cruises and don’t forget to bring your warm clothing, hat and sunscreen, motion sickness prevention, camera, binoculars, smile.


Experience this spectacular two hour cruise witnessing one of Australia’s largest wild Fur Seal colonies.
Situated on Seal Rocks lying 2kms off the rugged south west coast of Phillip Island.

2.00pm Daily all year except August (Subject to change check daily update)

11am and 430pm extra cruises in summer and school holidays – please check availability.

Come aboard this spectacular two hour coastal wildlife cruise, and experience an up-close encounter with thousands of seals at Australia’s largest fur seal colony!

Seal Rocks is situated 2kms off the rugged south west coast of Phillip Island.
The boat drifts within meters of the seals, enabling you to witness them in their natural environment first hand. It is impossible not to be captivated by these naturally playful and inquisitive animals, as they regularly approach the boat for a closer look at you!
Along the way you’ll be enthralled by the beautiful coastline and learn all about the history of Phillip Island’s western shoreline.

• 2 Hour scenic coastal cruise
• An average of 5000+ seals sighted up close
• Complimentary afternoon or morning tea
• Variety of seabirds & regular dolphin sightings
• Educational commentary
• Historical sights
• Children activities
• Warm undercover viewing


Adults: $78

Concession: $70

Child: $52

Family (2 Adults and 2 children: $215

Group 5+ $66


An ever popular activity at Phillip Island is the nightly penguin parade. Most of the year you can buy your tickets at  the door but please pre – book over busy holiday periods. Penguins arrive at dusk and you can check out the current arrival time at   We also sell 3 Park pass Tickets (penguins, Koalas and Churchill Island at Anchor belle Holiday park and we offer you a 10% discount. It’s Great Value.

If you are not able to visit the Penguins in the evening don’t forget to look out for them at the Nobbies, they can usually be spotted snuggled up warm in their burrows along the edge of the boardwalk area.

Koalas Explore the tree top walks at the Koala Conservation Centre and get up close to these beautiful creatures. Take a walk through the bushlands and look out for the koalas in their natural habitat and enjoy the beautiful native bushlands.

Shearwaters & More!

Shearwaters (Mutton Birds) arrive in late September at Phillip Island and stay for about 6 months. They can be seen arriving from about the 25th September and usually there is about a million birds so it can be quite a spectacle. Shearwaters are often referred to as Mutton birds and can have a 1 metre wide wing span. The Phillip Island Nature Parks help protect these birds by providing a sanctuary on the island for them. This species is protected so please help us to look after them by not leaving rubbish around on the island and driving carefully across our beautiful island. The birds can be viewed arriving from the Forrest caves area off the main Phillip Island Road. Watch out for other migratory birds arriving such as sandpipers, curlews, godwits, plovers, knots and stints!


A Free activity run by the Fishermans Co-Op at San Remo is the midday Pelican Feeding. Watch these magnificent creatures enjoy a free feed of left over fish pieces at midday each day. There are usually 15- 20 pelicans and sometimes you may get to see the huge stingrays that frequent the area being fed too.

Silver Gulls

Watch out for the Silver Gulls, particularly at the Nobbies as they use this as a breeding ground and it will be a very busy place as they begin gathering to breed about August. They love to hang out at the many great cafes and fish and chip shops too so watch out for your food.

Cape Baron Geese

Churchill Island is the best place to see these massive birds. They wander around like they own the place. During July they are busy building nests and sitting on their eggs. So watch out for when they hatch, as the just look like beautiful balls of fluff heading out to explore the island. They also like to wander along the road out at the Nobbies and the Rhyll road so please be careful.

Wallabies, Wombats & Echidnas

Watch out for these beautiful creatures that frequent are roads especially at dusk. They can often be seen on the side of the road or crossing the road and are blinded and confused by the car lights, so keep you speed to a minimum and watch out for them.

We love our Native Wildlife and you will too, so much to do you will come back again and again.

Don’t Forget you can buy you 3 Park Pass (Penguins, Koalas and Churchill Island) at Anchor Belle Holiday park and save 10% Great Value!!

Adults $38.35

Child (4-15 years) $19.95

Family (2A and 2C) $95.85

We also sell  2 Park Passes which includes entry to the Penguin Parade and the new Antarctic Journey. 

Adults $35.55,

Child (4-15) $17.75

Family (2A and 2C) $88.85

So give us a call and book your next Wildlife adventure at Anchor Belle Holiday Park Phillip Island.




Visit the Penguin Parade


General Viewing  The beachfront viewing stands and boardwalks offer great outlooks across the beach to start your viewing experience. Can you hear the ‘huk-huk’ of penguins as they gather in their groups and begin moving towards the shore? Watch closely as they emerge from the waves, then waddle across the beach toward their burrows in the dunes.  Adult tickets $25.10

The new Penguins Plus viewing platform is a joint venture between Phillip Island Nature Parks and RACV. Inspired by the natural elements of the surrounding landscape, the new platform mirrors the coves of Phillip Island’s spectacular southern coastline and offers visitors unprecedented, up-close viewing of the little penguins as they make their way along the most popular penguin pathway at the Penguin Parade. Adult tickets $47.20

Underground Viewing  Get an eye-level view of the Little penguins in the new RACV Underground viewing experience. Limited to a maximum of just 70 people, this world-first facility gives you the chance to watch the Little penguins waddling along the Penguin Parade’s most popular pathway. Enjoy up-close viewing of the Little penguins in their natural habitat through an underground viewing window, with the comfort and convenience of being indoors, undercover and out of the elements. Adult tickets $60.00

Guided Ranger Tour at Phillip Island Nature Park. Join your ranger guide for an informative journey through the penguin colony, enjoying their commentary via your personal headset. Take your seat in the wonderfully located beachfront viewing stand, or if conditions allow, right on the sand, offering superb viewing of the penguins emerging from the water and crossing the beach. Use the supplied binoculars to try and spot the penguins gathering in the water before they make their way across the beach to their burrows. Minimum age 12 years. Prices from $78.00

VIP Tour Be treated like a VIP on this exclusive guided tour and start your experience with a gourmet snack and drink. Your ranger will escort you to the VIP Skybox, which enjoys a prime elevated location overlooking the beach, where you can participate in the nightly penguin count with the head ranger. Use the binoculars to spot the penguins before they emerge from the water to make their nightly crossing of the beach. Minimum age 12 years. Tickets from $78.00



  • Little Penguins have a third eyelid! It protects their eyes underwater and on land. It acts like a windscreen wiper to clear sand and other irritations from their eyes.
  • The distinctive colouration of adult penguins—steel blue to black on the back, head and wings, with soft white bellies—help this species to remain camouflaged while swimming in the sea. Looking from above, the dark feathers of the penguins blend with the sea surface, and from below the light undersides are more appropriate as the sea is illuminated from above. This is a definite advantage as Little Penguins spend the majority of the day feeding in the sea, munching on small schooling fish, squid and the occasional krill.
  • They may be little in size, but their appetite is not. Little Penguins eat about their bodyweight’s worth of food every single day to make up to for the massive amount of energy they expend swimming for hours on end. They only feed in surface waters and do not dive down below 60m.
  • Little Penguins are quite vocal – often communicating with each other in the sea and on land, displaying to a potential mate and clearing up territorial disputes. Different calls are used for attracting mates, aggression, pair communication, danger/alarm, location and for other purposes. Out at sea, they often use a short, sharp, ‘quack’ to get their messages across.
  • Little Penguins typically return to land after dark to rest. They come onto beaches in small groups and pause briefly to take a breather before heading off to individual burrows. They build nests from April each year and the first chicks can be seen during June. It is not uncommon for adults to raise two sets of chicks, with the second pair emerging around January.
  •  When the babies hatch, they are covered in black down and their eyes do not fully open until they are a week old. The black down is replaced by a chocolate brown down at two weeks of age. The babies can fend for themselves after about 57 days, and may leave the colony and not return for up to 12 months. During their time away they may travel hundreds of kilometres. And so it appears that gap years are not just for humans.
  •  Little Penguins are hunted by natural predators such as snakes, goannas, fur seals and sea eagles. They are also the prey of many introduced species such as dogs, foxes and cats. In the wild, lucky Little Penguins can live for about seven years, though some birds in captivity have been known to live for three times as long.

Our lucky Little Penguins have the protection of the Nature Park and we do not have foxes on Phillip island so our Penguin Colony numbers are increasing rapidly.The Nature Park is a not for profit organization, so all monies taken go into keeping our little penguins safe into the future.


Racing Heaven at Phillip Island

Grand Prix Dates: 20 – 24 October 2016

Stay at Anchor Belle Holiday Park only 10 minutes from the Grand Prix track. Buses run regularly from just outside the door and a day bus ticket (obtainable from the park) will get you around the island until midnight.

 Our great accommodation and park facilities are always popular during the Grand Prix and a limited amount of vacancies are still available. Give us a call now and make sure you don’t miss out for this years’ Grand Prix at Phillip Island.


 Where did racing start at Phillip Island?

Motor racing on Phillip Island began in 1928 with the running of the 100 mile road race, an event which has since become known as the first Australian Grand Prix. It utilized a high speed rectangle of local closed-off public roads with four similar right hand corners. The course length varied, with the car course approximately 6 miles per lap, compared to the motorcycle circuit which was approximately 10 miles (16 km) in length. The circuit was the venue for the Australian Grand Prix through to 1935 and it was used for the last time on 6 May 1935 for the Jubilee Day Races A triangular circuit utilizing one leg of the original rectangular course was subsequently mapped out and used for racing from 1936 to 1940.

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

In 1951, a group of six local businessmen decided to build a new track. About 2km away from the original circuit, it still bears the corner name signs of the original circuit. As the piece of available land was on the edge of the coast, the track is known for its steep grades – the highest 57 meters – which caused cost overruns and delays in track opening. The new track was opened in 1956 and in 1960 the first Armstrong 500 production car race was held at the circuit. Extensive damage resulted from the running of the 1962 Armstrong 500, and, with the circuit owners unable to finance repairs, the race was moved to the Mount Panorama Circuit at Bathurst.The circuit reopened in October 1967 and hosted the Phillip Island 500K endurance race, a round of the Australian Manufacturers’ Championship from 1971 to 1977. But again, due to its testing terrain, the circuit required much maintenance and slowly declined through the 1970s. It was farmed by its owners while closed and was then sold in 1985 in preparation for reopening, but did not do so until 1989 after agreement on a long term lease and rebuild agreement. The World Motorcycle Championship gave the circuit a grand re-opening in 1989 with a race long dice in the 500 cc division- the race was won by Wayne Gardner to the delight of the huge crowd. It hosted its first World Superbike race in 1990. Mathew Close won the first race in 1990 by 11.31 sec. The Australian Touring Car Championship also returned in 1990 with Dick Johnson winning.






So you’ve been to the Penguins, Churchill Island, The Nobbies, The Racetrack, the Chocolate factory, the Pelican Feeding, been on the Seal Rocks Cruise and caught some fish at the Trout Farm, spent a few hours at the Vietnam Veterans Museum & played some Ten Pin Bowling…….. Phew! You must be exhausted!!

So where to now? Why not stock up on some great local goodies at one of the many local Markets. Buy some locally made sauce for the BBQ tonight, some home made biscuits for afternoon tea or some locally grown vegies to replenish all the energy you have used up checking out the sights of Phillip Island.

A number of local markets are held on Phillip Island throughout the year.

A Farmer’s Market is held on picturesque Churchill Island every 4th Saturday of the month, starting at 8am and finishing at 1pm. well over 40 stalls sell a variety of goods, grown and produced locally in Gippsland.

Cowes Island Craft Market is held every 2nd Saturday of the month at St Phillips Parish Hall in Thompson Ave. Craft, clothes & produce.

Market on Chapel, held in the grounds of the Uniting Church on cnr Chapel Street & Warley Ave, on the 4th Saturday of the month from 9am – 1pm. Produce, craft, plants, trash & treasure shed, hot food & drinks.

 In Summer time look for the Cowes Night Market held at the Jetty Triangle in the twilight. This is such a popular market with music, food, wine tasting and lots of FREE samples & all located at the picturesque Cowes Jetty. Take a wander along the jetty with your food in hand, music drifting out over the water and watch the local fisherman or kids swimming at the beach.

More markets are just a short drive away and definitely worthwhile visiting.  

Inverloch Farmers Markets are held on the 3rd and last Sunday of the month at the Glade (front of the Inlet Hotel) – about 45 minutes drive

Why not drive back via the “Bunurong Marine Reserve Drive” via cape Patterson to Wonthaggi Drive- Great scenery. Also call in to see the State Coal Mine between the Cape and Wonthaggi- Its an important part of Victoria’s history and its fun for the whole family.

Wonthaggi Rotary Market is held on the 2nd Sunday of the month. About 35 minutes drive.

You have certainly had a busy weekend or week at Phillip Island so back to Anchor Belle Holiday Park for a well-earned rest, take a dip in the heated indoor pool, let the kids run free and throw some local produce on the BBQ for dinner. Now its time to plan your next visit to Anchor Belle Holiday Park as there is always more to do at Phillip Island.

On your drive back to Melbourne check out the Grantville Market on 4th Sunday of every month

While your passing Grantville be sure to call in at the “Maru Koala and Animal Park”, it also has a great Pirate themed mini golf & a Bistro too.



More Whale sightings today

What a beautiful day at Phillip Island. Wildlife Coast Cruises have reported this morning seeing 3 Humpback whales out in the channel heading towards Cowes Jetty.More whales were also sighted off Cape Woolamai. What an awesome time to visit Phillip Island! School holidays-beautiful sunshine, great beaches, walking tracks, Penguins, Koalas, Seals and now whales too! We are really so lucky to have such a great island on the doorstep of the Melbourne suburbs. Check out our great specials at Anchor Belle Holiday Park and ring and make a booking, vacancies are still available for the 2nd week of the school holidays. Ask us about our discounted 3 park Pass Tickets and see all of the amazing wildlife at a great price.


Winter update

Winter  Update

Some exciting new changes are planned for Anchor Belle Holiday Park. Due to this one of our playgrounds is currently closed. We apologise for any inconvenience

You might like to share your favourite holiday spot with your family and friends. Get them to check out our beautiful park themselves by sending them our link  Both you and your friends may like to subscribe to “Park Specials” so you will be notified of great current & upcoming deals.

By subscribing you not only are one of the first to know about our great specials but you also get a “Just For You Special” by mentioning the current “e special deal”

New Ensuite Sites

Our new Ensuite Sites are now available and are proving very popular with our guests.Enjoy the comfort of having your own personal bathroom. Photos can be viewed on our website.

The Whales are out and about in the bay; we have been getting regular e-mail updates from Wildlife Coast Cruises keeping us posted on sightings. Just this morning 2 Humpback Whales were spotted off Cowes pier! This is a great seasonal activity at Phillip island and when the whales are not here there are always the seal rock cruises.

Wildlife Coast Cruises Winter Whales Cruises

Departs Cowes at 930am for a 4 hour cruise around Phillip Island in search of Humpback Whales. Includes Seal Rocks,

Cape Woolamai and chance of seeing dolphins and seabirds. Includes morning tea and lunch.

Adult $125, Concession $115, Child $85, Family $345, Group 5+ $105 each
For Bookings Call 1300 763 739,

Online at



Accommodation is still available for July School Holidays. They are booking fast- So be quick!
Remember our indoor heated pool is open until the end of the school holidays!
Pool closes 13th July- 18th September so despite the weather during these school holidays there’s always something to keep the kids happy at Anchor Belle.

You will need to get in quick for accommodation over the Motor Grand Prix, more vacancies for camping but these too are filling up quick.

For any bookings please don’t hesitate to call us on 03 5952 2258 or book online at

Upcoming Specials
We currently have our ever-popular Family Favourite Package on again

as well as some other great specials.
For more details’t Forget

  • June Penguin arrival time is 5.15 PM and you need to be there 1 hour PRIOR
  • Now available at Anchor Belle WI-FI- $10 per 1gb Faster download suitable for games movies etc. .
  • You can buy your 3 Park Pass-(Penguins/Koalas and Churchill Island) at Anchor Belle and get an extra 10% discount off the already great packaged price.




Wineries on Phillip Island

Did you know Phillip Island has two cool climate wineries?

Both proudly locally owned and operated and both have breathtaking views.

Phillip Island Vineyard and Winery looks over Bass Straight. The Purple Hen Winery at Rhyll has spectacular views over Swan Inlet, Churchill Island and Denne Bight.

Both Wineries offer some delicious tasting platters and nibblies.
Please keep in mind though they do not have restaurants or café facility.

Give us a call at Anchor Belle Holiday Park to arrange a relaxing short break, you may find yourself never wanting to leave!


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