1. Fees: Details of occupants fees and other fees payable under the agreement are as follows:- annual fees are due by the 30th of June yearly. 

Please note: new annual guests fees are due prior to change over date.

Annual fee [covers 2 nominated people] $6,350.00. 

Extra children under 16 years $120 per child. Extra adults 16 years and over $140 per adult.

Nominated visitor fees are not transferable or refundable. 

Overnight visitor fees: Adults $12 per person per night; Children $10 per night.

1.a Are there any restrictions on visitors coming into the Park? 

All guests/visitors MUST register at the office on arrival. 

If arrival is outside of office hours visitors must report to the office prior to 10am the next day visitors in the park after 9pm will be classed as overnight visitors and charged accordingly. 

If visitors use your van in your absence we request a phone call or email from you before visitors’ arrival. Without your permission visitors will be refused access into the park. 

Overnight Visitors: Include anyone staying with you or using your van in your absence, these people are classed as overnight visitors and the appropriate fee will be charged to yourself if payment is not paid on arrival. 

Failure to comply will result in a non-refundable additional administration fee of $30.00 to your account. Fees for additional occupants- are those, which have been included in the payment of fees and included on your registration form. This includes teenage sons and/or daughters that may use your van from time to time. 

Your guests are your responsibility; please make them aware of park rules and evacuation procedures. 2. Additional charges to be paid by the occupant. 

· Overnight Visitors: $10.00 per child per night & $12.00 per adult per night. 

· Grand prix Visitors: Flat rate of $48.00 per person irrespective of length of stay. 

· Administration fee: $30.00 non-refundable. 

· Electricity charges: As metered at the current rate of 32.47 cents per kWh; the park owner is an embedded network exempt seller. 

· Meter Reading Fee: $10.80 per metre reading. Minimum of 4 per year. 

· Boat/jet ski storage: $3.00 per day OR $10 per week. 

· Parking Penalty: $10.00 per day for boats/jet skis and vehicles not parked in designated area.

· Key deposits: $25 per key for amenity blocks & boat park key. These are refundable on return of keys. 

· Rubbish removal: $30 minimum.

Please note: any tip fees incurred will be billed accordingly. We are unable to quote in advance as tip fees vary greatly. 

· Direct debit dishonour fee: $15.00. 

· Overdue balances/Late Payments: On accounts will incur a late payment fee: If the Occupant defaults in the payment of any money due under this Agreement then the Occupant must pay to the Owner upon demand interest on any money overdue during the period of default at a rate 2% higher than the rate for the time being fixed under Section 2 of the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983 (Vic.) as at the date of the default per month compounding on any outstanding balance.

· Annual fees paid by credit card will incur a 1.5% fee. 

· Van Sales/Transfer fee of $600 is required to sell dwelling onsite. 

· Establishment Fee: $1,000 for new vans to occupy vacant site. 

· B Pay payments can be made once your account is set up.

3. Peak periods & weekends:
Peak periods and weekends are included in fees. 

4. What is the term of the Agreement?

The term of the Agreement shall commence on the commencement date and shall expire on the 30th of June following the commencement date.


5. No Right of Renewal Clause 14.1.

The parties acknowledge and agree that this agreement is for the fixed term specified in clause 2.2. The principal occupant acknowledges and agrees that at the end of the fixed term the principal occupant has no right to renew this agreement and, if it has not been terminated earlier, this agreement will come to an end on the expiry date in accordance with clause 9.1(i). 

6. How many vehicles may be parked on the site?

One car per site: Before purchasing an annual van please check with reception as to the location of the car park. Some sites have foregone their car space and opted to park their vehicle outside the park. Additional cars are to be parked outside of the park. We understand there maybe times where it’s more convenient to drive to your site to unpack or deliver items. If this is the case, please call into the office prior to bringing your car in and check if your requests can be accommodated. Do not park in other guests car spaces or on tourist sites without permission.


6.1 Boats & Jet skis 

Are to be parked in the main compound area provided. Key access is required, keys are available from the office. There is a wash down area behind the first fence on the roadway of the main compound. If taking your boat or jet ski out before 7:30 am, please park in the allocated parking bay by the wash down area. In the event you need to bring your boat into the park to unpack please check with the office prior to entering. Boats are only to be brought in for SHORT TERM - i.e. unpack and remove. No washing or flushing motors in the park. No maintenance is to be carried out on boats within the caravan park. 

7. Can the dwelling be sold on site? 

The dwelling may only be sold on site if the park owner has agreed to continue a site agreement with the purchaser. Refer to annual holiday site agreement "sale of dwelling". a completed “sales transfer agreement form” is required and an up-front transfer fee of $600 must be paid. Otherwise, sale of the dwelling brings the agreement to an immediate end and the dwelling must be removed from the park.  

All fees and charges are payable regardless of van being on the market. If an owner sells without a completed sales transfer agreement form, this will be seen as a sale without continuation to occupy a yearly holiday site. The dwelling must then be removed from the park within 7 days. 

Yearly fees are not transferable.

7.a Electrical and Gas Safety Certificate

It is compulsory to supply the caravan park owners with a current electrical and gas safety certificate before changeover can take place. A new owner wishing to leave the caravan on-site must make an application for a yearly holiday site. Enquire as to the fees that will be payable on acquisition. Please note that fees are charged and refunded on a seasonal basis 

7. b Applying for An Annual Holiday Site

Anyone wishing to purchase a van onsite and enter into an 'annual holiday site agreement' must complete an application form and be approved, before sale takes place. Applicants need to provide a current police check for all guests over the age of 18, written letter from their accountant confirming fees are within their budget and understand a credit check report will be required.

Change over fees are due once approval has been met. These must be paid prior to occupying site.

8. Is there any restriction on the types of moveable dwellings allowed at the Park?

Yes. See the copy of standards of dwellings required within the park. These must comply with the caravan parks and Movable Dwellings act 1993 these regulate the size, design and type of construction of dwellings within the park. Decks no longer than 2.1m past front of the caravan.

9. Is there a limit on the number of days I can access the Park?

Yes. The annual fee allows nominated persons to use the park and its facilities for up to [180] days per year provided that in no event can any person stay in the park for a continuous period of longer than 45 days as it is for holiday use only.


10. Can the owner require relocation of the dwelling during the term of the Agreement?

Yes. The owner can require relocation at any time upon giving 28 days’ notice.

11. Who pays the cost of relocation?

The owner shall reimburse the direct cost of relocation unless it is required by the direction of or to comply with a policy of any competent authority in which case the cost must be borne by the owner of the dwelling.


12. How will disputes be resolved?

Other than excluded disputes, disputes will be resolved by mediation – see clause 13 of the Agreement.


13. What may be erected on the site other than the dwelling?

No structures may be erected on the site. Occupants must not carry out works on dwellings or sites without first obtaining the written consent of the park owner or manager which may be given or withheld entirely at the discretion of the owner or manager - this includes any trades persons. Without approval and your permission, tradespersons will be refused access into the park. All electrical and plumbing work must be carried out by a qualified tradesperson. 

Email the office: with proposed works and dates 

Ensure sufficient notice is given. 

Time restrictions: Once your works have been approved and you have permission, please be aware of the time restrictions: Monday - Friday 9:00 am-4:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday 10:00am -2:00 pm *OFF peak/winter months if approvedAlways be mindful and communicate with your neighbors if they are down to ensure you are not disturbing the peace.

Examples of works: Painting van, building decks, gardens, erecting storage shed, installing toilet or shower.

Please note: no works can be carried out over busy peak times, long weekends etc. 

14. Annual Van & Site Appearance Expectations

No items to be stored alongside, behind, on top of or under your vans. Items around and behind vans are not only unsightly they are hazardous and in breach of CFA requirements. When vans are not in use please pack away all personal and recreational items inside your caravan, storage sheds or storage boxes. 

Minimal items accepted on decks when vans are not in use:  I.e. table & chairs- neatly arranged. BBQs, pot plants. 

Van exterior: Clean & in good repair. No broken windows, holes in van exterior, free from dirt and grime build up. No tarps or covers tied across windows or van exteriors. 

Fly overs are to be kept clean and in good repair - debris removed (branches, leaves etc.) clean from grime build up and mould. Café blinds are to be kept clean and in good repair. Not ripped, torn or faded.


15 Hard Rubbish/Unwanted items 

No hard rubbish to be disposed of in any park bins. Take home any unwanted items when you are leaving or arrange removal with the office. Please be aware we are unable to quote “tip trips” in advance as the charges vary greatly on any given day. We will bill you on tip fee costs and our staff costs incurred.


16. Storage sheds or storage boxes

Written permission with dimensions are required before installing any storage sheds or boxes behind or down the sides of vans.

17. Insurance of annual van and boats in storage area

It is your responsibility to insure against loss/damage and have public liability of your van and or boat.


18. Subletting / hiring of vans

The site tenant must not require a visitor to pay any fee for staying on the site or in the dwelling Clause 10.8 

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